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Welcome to Upper Valley Integration Therapy

Dear Friend & Neighbor,

You’re probably reading this message because you or a loved one is in search of healing, health, and/or high performance. Well, you’ve come to the right place, where we take a comprehensive look at it all.

Of course, most folks begin working with me because they seek professional assistance with a particular issue, such as their pain, their posture, and/or their athletic performance. Inevitably, after a session or two, they realize that all these conditions are intimately interrelated.

You see, Health represents Integrity the state of being whole (i.e. healthy).

I’m here to help folks, like you, to develop a practice of Integrationthe act or process of becoming whole (i.e. healthy).

You know all too well that life is full of obstacles to integrity. Whether the obstacle is physical, mental, or emotional, these aspects of your being influence your health and well-being.

This is because everything you experience is a product of your nervous system (i.e. your mind – yes, the conscious and nonconscious bits, from your prefrontal cortex to your cutaneous nerve fibers).

Your nervous system coordinates all activities of your body, enabling you to predict, respond, and adapt to changes both internal and external. Therefore, every experience you have has the potential to impact your sense of integrity – for better or for worse.

At Upper Valley Integration Therapy, my professional obligation is to help your nervous system achieve your personal sense of integrity (i.e. health). Through bodywork therapy and health coaching, I work with you to realize your extraordinary resilience – the ability for a to experience a challenge and then return to a state of integrity.

It is the integration of bodywork therapy and health coaching that will empower your practice of personal healthcare, providing you with experiences that will inform and inspire the habits of your daily life.

When you book a session, you set an intention to receive an education in health and well-being. You embrace the fact that learning is a challenging and rewarding process for your nervous system, at the levels of your sensorimotor system (nonconscious) and cognitive systems (conscious), and you commit yourself to the practice of integration into your daily life beyond our sessions, as you learn to be at peace within gravity and mindfully embody yourself.

If this resonates with you, please take a moment to introduce yourself to me, ask me a question, or schedule a consultation. It would be an honor and a privilege to work with you.

With gratitude,


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