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Bodywork Therapy + Health Coaching + Personal Training

Our services integrate principles of neurobiology to achieve the most comprehensive therapeutic benefit for you.

Services: Treatments


Manual & Movement Therapy for Posture, Pain & Peak Performance

Bodywork Therapy is an interactive method of manual and movement therapy that offers sensorimotor refinement and rehabilitation of your nervous system via therapeutic touch.

It is informed by convergent evidence from fields in neuroscience, such as pain physiology, behavioral psychology, and clinical neurodynamics, as well as clinical observations from various therapeutic modalities and the exhaustive self-experimentation of your therapist, Jackson Penfield-Cyr.

We offer Restorative Bodywork and Transformative Bodywork to accommodate your personal preferences (click here). Enrollment in a 10-Series is a foundational service for anyone interested in true transformation in healthcare and well-being (click here).



Your Plan for Healing & Well-Being

Health Coaching integrates the best practices of cognitive behavioral therapy and nutritional therapy to empower your habits of personal healthcare.

Our signature health evaluation reviews your relationship to “The Seven Resources for Resilience”. This informs our work to make healing and growth tangible and manageable, as we consider how to incorporate simple, science-based health protocols within the routines of your daily life.

We work with self-motivated people of all ages, abilities, and aspirations, who seek a more holistic relationship with their body and mind.

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Peak Performance through Movement & Breathwork

One of the greatest contributors to our overall structural soundness is our daily patterns of movement and breathing.

During our personal training sessions, I will balance your fitness goals, whether it's running a half marathon or touching your toes, with instruction on form and breathing. In a sense, it’s applying the principles of the 10-Series while in action.

Our training sessions will take place in my office, where I will teach you different bodyweight strength exercises, and in Pine Park across the street from my office, where we can practice different running, walking, and plyometric exercises in the open air.


Together, these integral services give you even more complete access to your true human potential.


Upper Valley Integration Therapy offers the following additional services.


Audience Clapping

The Articulation of Integration

Upper Valley Integration Therapy welcomes the opportunity to present on topics of healing, health, and well-being.

Jackson is an experienced public speaker, with a genuine love for communicating the science of human health and well-being.

Topics include:

  • The Art of Aging Gracefully

  • The Biology of Being: Body, Mind & Self

  • Emotional Regulation through Breathing & Movement

  • Explain Pain: How & Why It Hurts To Be Human

  • Heathcare Basics: Healing, Health & Well-Being

  • Perfect Posture: The Six Principles of Posture

  • The Pursuit of Excellence: Posture, Pain, & Peak Performance

  • The 10-Series: The Recipe of Structural Integration

  • Stress 101: The Physics & Biology of Stress

  • The Science of Yoga: How To Become A Yogi Scientist

Please contact us to learn how we can help educate, energize, and empower your team, class, company, or community.


Young Man doing Physical Exercise

The Pursuit of Excellence

Peak Performance is all about your practice of mindful embodiment. 

The secrets of success are hidden within the routines of daily life. So, to be at your best when your best is needed, you must refine your routines to cultivate habits that invite performance excellence. 

We teach you how to relate to your body comprehensively, inviting you to not only optimize performance in your area of interest, but to incorporate fundamentals of health and well-being into your day-to-day activity.

Essentially, we coach you on science-based protocols to enhance your biochemistry and biomechanics to maximize your goals for growth.



The Art of Exploration

As a yoga instructor, advance your practice and enrich your education via individual or group mentorship.

This is an accountability partnership designed by you, to reflect your vision for yourself. This experience contrasts that of a training because the mentee and his/her personal intentions and interests inform the mentorship.

These exclusive sessions are your entry point to greater yoga with integrity.

Topics of study may include human biomechanics, asana sequencing, yogic philosophy, working in the yoga industry, meditation development, and body restoration.

Mentorship sessions are available in person and virtually.



The Revelation of Vacation

Retreats Coming Soon!

Services: Treatments
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