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Healing Begins With Feeling

Bodywork Therapy uses science-based skillful touch, sensorimotor interventions, and effective strategies to actively and safely engage "your mind within your body" in transforming your sense of self.

Bodywork Therapy: About


In Restorative Bodywork sessions, we take a gentle approach to sooth chronic pain and relax inhibitions or guarding around an injury. Like a traditional massage, this work feels good and can cover your whole body. You’ll take the benefits even further by practicing mindful breathing and exploring movement patterns that support your body’s return to uninhibited balance.

Restorative Bodywork is a great introduction to bodywork therapy. It's for those recovering from an athletic performance, rehabbing an injury, or prehabbing for surgery, and it serves as a great interlude during transformative bodywork on a day when you are feeling low.


  • Restorative Bodywork incorporates Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) with hands-on assistance and verbal guidance as you relax your body on a heated PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) mat in the therapeutic space.

  • NSDR can enhance your sleep, boost your mood, and promote neuroplasticity – the ability of your brain to change, heal, and grow.

  • PEMF mats promote microcirculation, supporting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body and the removal of metabolic waste

  • Recommended for anybody.



In Transformative Bodywork sessions, we take a more direct approach to work out the kinks in your system that are contributing to inhibition or pain. While there are moments within sessions that are relaxing and peaceful, these sessions are more intense – a collaboration between me, as I find tension, and you, as you breathe into that tension to release it. Being present with tension can be uncomfortable in the moment, but you will get up from the table with more supple muscles and a more integrated structure.

This is bodywork therapy for those ready to see a significant change in their musculoskeletal structure.


  • Structural Integration (i.e. Rolfing®) is a system of manual and movement therapy (sensorimotor behavioral therapy) that aims to improve human biomechanical functioning as a whole rather than to treat particular symptoms.

  • These sessions address acute and specific needs within your body.

  • If you're interested in more a more transformative and educational therapeutic experience, please consider enrollment in a series of sessions here.

  • Recommended for anybody.

Bodywork Therapy: Services


Our services for therapeutic bodywork are informed by principles of biology, with an emphasis on neuromechanics.

  • Neuromechanics is the integration of concepts from biomechanics and neurophysiology.

Therapeutically, sessions invite you to understand the influence of your nervous system on your musculoskeletal system and how interactions between your bodily systems produce your habituated patterns of health and well-being.

Specifically, sessions center upon neurodynamics.

  • Neurodynamics refers to the communication between different parts of the nervous system and to the nervous system’s relationship to the musculoskeletal system.

Nerves are excitable cells and move independently from other tissues. Therefore, our sessions focus on the neurodynamic treatments that leverage the adaptability of your nervous system.

  • Notably, we don’t waste time and energy focusing on non-excitable organ systems (i.e. fascia) or non-anatomical systems (i.e. meridians) that lack scientific credibility and biological plausibility as mechanisms for manual treatment.

Our mission is to empower you – helping you transform your habits to achieve healing, health, and well-being, providing you with the education and experiences that invite you to practice mindful embodiment within your daily life.

Bodywork Therapy: FAQ

"Healing is what the body does best, when it has the right resources."

Jackson Penfield-Cyr

Bodywork Therapy: Quote
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