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Trees and Mountains

“Change is the only constant. Choice is all you every truly own.”


At Upper Valley Integration Therapy, we call our work “integration therapy” because our practice aims to serve you in your process of becoming whole.

  • Integration – the act or process of becoming whole.

  • Therapy – an intervention intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

Everything we do serves to integrate your nervous system – because everything you sense, perceive, feel, think, and believe is produced by your nervous system (i.e. your mind – from peripheral nerve to spine and brain).

That’s right, every muscle you flex and every thought you ponder is a product of your mind.

Principally, your mind performs three functions – sensation, cognition, emotion.

In integration therapy, we use both sensitive and cognitive interventions to therapeutically influence your emotions, reconditioning your mind so that you feel more integrated (i.e. healthier, happier, and whole) within your body.

  • Sensitive Interventions – bodywork therapy (sensorimotor behavioral therapy)

  • Cognitive Interventions – health coaching (cognitive behavioral therapy)

Basically, our services are all about promoting neuroplasticity.

  • Neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to adapt and reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

By integrating the sensitive, cognitive, and emotional aspects of your mind, we resolve tension within your body, reducing the causes and effects of pain and dis-ease.

Our work together will invite you to recognize your physical adaptability, reclaim your perceptual resiliency, and know your inner and infinite integrity.

Essentially, you will learn to love what you embody, so that you may embody what you love.

Therapeutic Collaboration

Jackson works closely with a wide variety of health care professionals (i.e. physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, dieticians, etc.) to provide you with the best health care experiences.

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There are two meta­-principles of the universe:

#1 - "Change is the only constant."

#2 - "Choice is all you every truly own."

​At Upper Valley Integration Therapy, we invite you to consider the power of change and choice.

It is through the process of working with your relationship to these universal principles that you will learn:

  • All Is Within. Seek And Find.

  • Seek Peace In Body. Find Peace Of Mind.

When you choose to change yourself, you change to choose yourself.

Our work is your invitation to do so – to create a more perfect you.

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Change – (noun) the act of becoming different.

Choice – (noun) an act of selecting between two or more possibilities by a mind.

Perfect – (adjective) as good as it is possible to be; (verb) to bring to completion.

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