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Our Mission 

​Upper Valley Integration Therapy's mission is to invite you into a whole new relationship with your body and mind – one empowered by scientific principles that help you make informed choices and changes in your habits, health, and well-being.

To accomplish our mission, we practice bodywork therapy that meets the highest standards of therapeutic service; we inspire our clients to embrace true ownership of their health care; and we offer public service educational opportunities to improve scientific literacy and resilience within our beloved community.



At Upper Valley Integration Therapy, our services are informed by scientific principles, not traditions or techniques. This allows for growth and adaptation when confronted with new data about the clinical relevance of science in relation to the human body and when introduced to your specific needs as a client.



We provide you with a modern biopsychosocial approach to integration therapy – an interdisciplinary approach that considers the relationships between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors in the human being. It is the deep interrelation of all three factors that manifest any given condition – each component on its own is insufficient to lead definitively to health or disease.


In private sessions, integration therapy honors the sensitive, affective, and cognitive aspects of your nervous system and provides a range of services that will engage you in manual and movement therapy as well as health education.

  • Manual & Movement Therapy involves engaging your nervous system via hand-holds that are gentle, intentional, slow, intelligent, responsive, and effective. In this way, we allow your body to self-regulate and resolve habituated patterns of tension that inhibit posture, cause pain, and impede performance. 

  • Health Education involves engaging your nervous system via exercises in critical thinking and critical feeling, to promote your sense of self-efficacy in your relationship with the ‘mind within your body.’

Overall, our work is always an invitation, never an imposition. We reject dogma and doctrine. Instead, we embrace principles, and we invite you to invite yourself to commune with ‘the mind within your body’, in the present moment, to notice what you feel and what you think, what positions and movements you prefer, here and now, in order to be at peace within gravity. 


Together, we practice witnessing your mind at work, learning about health and how to practice self-transformation, to love what you embody and embody what you love: yourself.

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