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You Are More Resilient Than You Know

Humans are distressed, tired, overworked, controlled, abused, exploited, confused, lost, scared, and feel helpless. None of those experiences are illnesses of the body or the mind. 

The time is now, for trauma-informed, anti-pathology approaches to mental health to change our world. 
Industrialized medicine diagnoses and medicates millions of people per year, while ignoring the origins of trauma and neglecting to inform patients on the biological factors involved in their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

The reality of mental health care is that the real causes and solutions have been staring us in the face and speaking to us, trying to get us to listen for decades.

At Upper Valley Integration Therapy, we take a neurobiological approach to trauma. We address the causes and effects of trauma, with the aim to empower you with the resources and skills to be resilient in your daily life.

Together, we will work to resolve habit patterns that do not serve your health and we will provide you with experiences in mindful embodiment that empower your well-being. 

Here, you will experience an enduring education for living well and being human.

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