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Bodywork Therapy

You Are Your Nervous System:
From Skin Cell To Sense of Self

Our services for therapeutic bodywork are informed by principles of biology, with an emphasis on neuromechanics.

Neuromechanics is the integration of concepts from biomechanics and neurophysiology. 

Therapeutically, sessions invite you to understand the influence of your nervous system on your musculoskeletal system and how interactions between your bodily systems produce your habituated patterns of health and well-being.

Specifically, sessions center upon neurodynamics. 

Neurodynamics refers to the communication between different parts of the nervous system and to the nervous system’s relationship to the musculoskeletal system. 

Nerves are excitable cells and move independently from other tissues. Therefore, our sessions focus on the neurodynamic treatments that leverage the adaptability of your nervous system. 

Notably, we don’t waste time and energy focusing on non-excitable organ systems (i.e. fascia) or non-anatomical systems (i.e. meridians) that lack scientific credibility and biological plausibility as mechanisms for manual treatment.

Our mission is to empower you – helping you transform your habits to achieve healing, health, and well-being, providing you with the education and experiences that invite you to practice mindful embodiment within your daily life.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a method of DermoNeuroModulation (see below) – a hands-on, interactive manual therapy using slow, sustained skin contact to invite more accurate sensorimotor awareness with a focus on educating your nervous system to express the natural integrity of your human form.

This work respects principles of neurobiology and biotensegrity, with an emphasis on musculoskeletal alignment, using hand-holds that are intentional, slow, intelligent, responsive, and effective, allowing your nervous system to transform itself from a state of habitual tension to a more easeful and balanced way of being.

Whether received in a single session or a series of sessions, Structural Integration will help you improve posture, reduce pain, and achieve peak performance.

DermoNeuroModulation (DNM)

DermoNeuroModulation (DNM) is an up-to-date explanatory model and systems-thinking approach to manual therapy.

  • Dermo means “skin”

  • Neuro means “nervous system”

  • Modulation means “change”

DNM is a biopsychosocial framework for therapy, congruent with the science of pain physiology, and thus an appropriate intervention when working with people in pain.

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