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Know Thyself - You Only Have One Life.

  • 24 hours 7 minutes
  • Lyme Road

Service Description

Enlightenment is often referenced as an abstraction – a state of being that only exists as an idea – a mysterious term, cryptic and enigmatic, that appeals to our imaginations when applied to being human. To me, however, the term enlightenment is not esoteric. Enlightenment is real: it's biological. Enlightenment is a biological state of being – the peace of mind within a human being that emerges from neuromusculoskeletal alignment, which invites balance and harmony within its neurobiology, producing a unity that occurs when your senses, perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs all share the same source of inner and infinite integrity. If 'enlightenment' is what you seek beyond all else in our world, I'm willing to invest one year of my beloved life to work exclusively with you, non-stop, day and night, to teach you The Way of the Light. If you're intrigued, please consider my interpretation of the Four Noble Truths: 1. Life is pain and suffering. 2. There is a cause of pain and suffering. 3. There is an end of pain and suffering. 4. There are two ways to end pain and suffering: 1) The Way of the Dark and 2) The Way of the Light. I discovered The Way of the Light when I surrendered my fight against my pain and suffering and instead chose to embrace them, at which point they illuminated the way for me. And while I’m not there yet – ‘there’ being a state of true enlightenment – I know I’m on my way, because I know how to work with my pain and suffering; I know how to work through the darkness. "The way in is the way out, the way out is the way in." There is magic within you – your biology. All is Within. Seek and Find. Seek Peace in Body, Find Peace of Mind.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for any and all treatments (in-office or telephone visits), regardless of the reason for cancellation. This time is set aside solely for you, and I have made myself available to you for our work together. My full hourly fee is assessed for sessions cancelled within the 24-hour cancellation period. Please understand that I will not be able to support your healing in my practice if you are unable to agree and adhere to this policy.

Contact Details

  • Upper Valley Integration Therapy, 45 Lyme Road, Suite 210A, Hanover, NH, USA


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