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Health Coaching

Education Is The Best Medicine

Our services for health coaching are informed by principles of biology, with an emphasis on stress biology.


Stress biology is the study of biological reactions of resistance within a body to an external pressure, such as a threat, challenge, or physical barrier.

Therapeutically, sessions invite you to understand the influence of your nervous system (i.e. your body’s governance structure) on your immune system, and how interactions between your bodily systems produce your habituated patterns of health and well-being.

Specifically, sessions center upon health education.


Health education the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction for your healing, health, and well-being.


Learning about biology is therapy. When you understand how your body works, you can take the appropriate actions to achieve your intentions for healing, health, and well-being. 


For example, research shows that when we understand why we hurt, we hurt less. This is because pain is the result of ignorance, at the sensitive and/or cognitive levels of the brain.


Notably, we don’t waste time and energy focusing on non-excitable organ systems (i.e. fascia) or non-anatomical systems (i.e. meridians) that lack scientific credibility and biological plausibility as mechanisms for manual treatment.


Our mission is to empower you – helping you transform your habits to achieve healing, health, and well-being, providing you with the education and experiences that invite you to practice mindful embodiment within your daily life.

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